4os2 Command Shell Extension

Must have command shell extension. Originally developed by Rex Conn and JP Software Inc. Now open source. Some fixes and extension made by me.

4os2 Netlabs Homepage
4os2 Netlabs Issue Tracker

LarsenCommander First class graphical file manager

Flexible and powerful file manager with drag & drop support. Developed by Leif Erik Larsen and now open source. My version fixes a focus problem with xpager and xcenter.

Leif Erik Larsen Homepage

MyIP Returns own IP address

IP addresses for home users are usually dynamically assigned and change over time. MyIP returns your current IP address by connection to dedicated servers.

Developed by Alex Taylor. My extension are for continous monitoring of your internet connection and logging into a file.

PMPrintf253 PMPrintf - redirect debug messages in your program to a PM viewer

PMPRINTF allows you to direct the output from debugging statements placed in code (using printf() like statements) to a highly configurable PM viewer or into a log file of your choice.

Originally developed by Mike Cowlishaw and Dennis Bareis. Difference to Dennis last version is floating point support.
V253 (ca. 210kB)

DataSeeker Searches for files or text

Originally developed by Alessandro Cantatore as replacement for pmseek. I changed slightly the GUI, fixed some bugs and added a few features.

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DataSeeker Netlabs Issue Tracker

(ca. 170kB)

XMBMon2 ATTENTION: There is a report at os2.org about disabling the CPU fan after starting MBMon2.exe on an ASUS M2N. I can only trust Yoshifumi R. Shimizu that MBMon2 works and does not harm your hardware.

XWorkplace widget for displaying temperaturs, voltages and fan speeds

Shows the values read by MBMon2 (see below) within xcenter/ecenter (XWorkplace/eWorkplace). Uses a tcp/ip socket to connect to a running MBMon2 instance on any system in your network. Connection to the same system (localhost) is possible too of course. Displayed string is highly configurable.

Alpha1: Self extracting Warpin archive. Includes MBMon2 beta 3 (as of 20080901) and FastioA.sys 1.0 device driver.

Alpha 1 (ca. 1500kB)

Black104 Shuts down the Monitor when system is not used for ATI X300/X550 and GEODE

Special version of blackout package (black100) for ATI X300, X550 and AMD Geode graphic controllers. Both are not supported by Doodles ScreenSaver (included with eCS) which is otherwise the preferred solution for switching monitor off after a period of inactivity. Source code included.

(ca. 460kB)

Which Which utility. Shows the application or library which is found as first in your path or libpath.

Special version with warning when used with -l and a dot ('.') is found in your libpath.


ATTENTION: There is a report at os2.org about disabling the CPU fan after starting MBMon2.exe on an ASUS M2N. I can only trust Yoshifumi R. Shimizu that MBMon2 works and does not harm your hardware.

OS/2 Port of Yoshifumi R. Shimizu motherboard monitor (XMBMon Homepage).

Cause I didn't find any program, which shows me the temperatures on my ASUS A7V133, I decided to port parts from the xmbmon project.

I don't like autoconf and makefiles, so this port is made as watcom (OpenWatcom) project. The archive includes the watcom project files, the modified xmbmon2.05 sources, and the FastIOA.sys device driver (without sources).

Beta 3: This is current (20080901) state of MBMon2. FastioA driver required (not included). Source code available on request.

Beta 1 (ca. 450kB)
Beta 2 (ca. 41kB)
Beta 3 (ca. 45kB)


OS/2 'Device Driver' for direct 80x86 port read/write.

Modern operating systems do not allow direct port i/o from ring 3 (user space) applications. If you need port i/o, you have to write a device driver. FastioA$ is a device driver for this task.

Based on Holger Veits fastio, you can integrate port i/o in your own programs with this driver. Holger Veit describes the details in EDM/2 magazine. Differences from Holgers version are for easily integration to Watcom (OpenWatcom) projects.

This driver comes with sources and a sample program together with Watcom project files.

Samples - cli utilities for reading and writing with command line parameters. Be carefull, bypasses all OS restrictions on IO ports. REXX sample included.

Ver. 1.0 (ca. 70kB)

Ver. 1.0 (ca. 82kB)

OMF51 File Parser

Parser for Keil C51 OMF files. Removes invalid omf records.

I wrote this little tool, cause I want to use my old Intel ICE5100 with newer Keil C compiler versions. Keil C51 compiler newer than version 3.2, generates non Intel-standard records in the output omf file. I did not find a compiler switch to avoid this. Loading such 'wrong' omf files into the ICE gives an error like 'Bad record in OMF file'.

This program reads omf files and deletes all non standard records.

Tested with Keil C51 V5.5. Should work with newer versions too.

Ver. 1.0 (ca. 17kB)

PromICE LoadICE utility for loading hex-images to Grammar Engine Inc. PromICE - Alpha1

Quick and dirty port of Grammar Engines Loadice4.0f to OS/2. Uses FastioA driver to direct access the serial ports. Not really the elegant way in OS/2 but the same is true for the official Win versions. Parallel port works too.