Taiji in Austria


What it's all about:

On these pages you will find primarily translations of texts by recognized experts in Taijiquan. These are presented without consideration for style or geographical homeland. In my opinion there is not "Chen style taiji", "Yang style taiji", "Sun style taiji", "Wu style taiji", "Cheng Manching style taiji", "Zhaobao style taiji", etc., but just good and less good taiji. By translating articles of different origin I intend to make available information (in German) that sometimes might not be easy to come by.

Writing Chinese Names and Terms:

There are different methods of transliteration, so more than one spelling may be used for a given Chinese term. For example, "chi" and "qi" denote the same concept. Personally, I don't put too much emphasis on sticking to one kind of transliteration (but I at least try to not confuse things too much) and so it might happen that you find on these pages both "taiji" and "taichi". The pronounciation is the same for both.

The Future:

Currently, there are only few texts available. The plan is to translate more texts as my time allows and to work on a glossary with taiji-specific terms that will have short explanations. A list of seminars and workshops is available, with emphasis on internationally recognized trainers as well as locations in and around Austria. If something you would like to see there is missing, please do drop me a line - I appreciate any feedback and ideas you might have!

About me:

I live in Vienna, train in taiji since 1993 and work with forms in the Cheng Manching style's tradition as well as forms of the Chen style and the Yang style. I like friendly exchanges (push hands and form) and mutual learning experiences - contact see below!


If you want to be informed when new articles are put up, send me an email: barbara.ecker@utanet.at


Annoying but necessary ...

The texts I publish here have to the best of my knowledge not been translated or published in German before. I wouldn't be amused to find my translations and texts in some other publication (with cost to the reader or not). The translations and texts were written for the internet, in the spirit, that has made the intertnet into a valued source of information. If you want to use short excerpts and quote the source, this is absolutely ok. If you want to use the whole text then please contact me as well as the original authors before you do so. Thank you!

And here is to the texts and announcements:

Seminars and Workshops

Barbara Ecker: Introduction, History

Chen Xiao Wang: 5 levels of taiji - original English version!!!


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