DOWNLOAD  -  Here you can download the latest "Judo Turnier Manager" Release and some more stuff. 

In case that the download doesn't work, I send you the DEMO-Version by e-mail.

Please note: As long as you don't enter a valid license key (which fits together with the License owner name), the application will only run in a trial mode. (Trial mode has some restriction: Pop-up window, limitation of the competitors name length...).
In order to purchase a license key ( at the moment available for 150,- € !!! ) please send an e-mail to

Now available as "Freeware" ! In case you like to make a donation (or just say "Thank you for the software"), then please send an e-mail

Judo Turnier Manager - Version 5.04 for Access2000 and later
Caution: Test carefully - no support - use it on your own risk !

Access97-Version only available on request

Manual (For Release 4.0x)

Documentation available only in German language so far!


Barcode Font

Barcode Font (3 of 9) required for printing registration tags with barcode :

Unzip the and copy the barcode font into the Windows fonts directory

Excel - Formsheets

Excel Form sheet for competitor import from excel files :

PowerPoint Presentation (requires PowerPoint2000)

BETA release of a PowerPoint Presentation, which you can use for online presentation of contest sheets:

Please note: You have to enable Macros in order to run this presentation. (Check you security setting of PowerPoint whether Macros are permitted!)