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Dalek Socks

Since so many people asked me for the pattern of my Dalek Sock(s), I decided to put it online for you fellow Dr. Who enthusiasts out there. (There are faaar too few of us here in Austria!)

Please keep in mind that I‘m not an expert knitter, so  some of what I did (I‘m especially thinking of  the plunger bobbles here) might have been needlessly complicated, and can probably be achieved with less effort. For similar reasons, I won‘t get into details of how I did the colourwork, either — for the Great Big Heel Dalek, for example, I used a weird mixture of intarsia (which I had never used before) and Fair Isle—I recommend that you use whatever seems to work best for you, since a) that’s pretty much what I did, too, and b) you're probably better off than trying to follow my twisted strands of logic and colour.

Also, I’ve never published a pattern before, so if anything’s unclear, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll try to answer your questions as quick and precisely as I can.

There are some of you who have even offered to buy the pattern. Now, I’m a big fan of free knitting patterns. If you do feel, though, that you would like to support a student  and her knitting with, say, a skein of yarn, a packet of tea, or maybe a bar of chocolate (the bare essentials, see!), your PayPal donation will be more than welcome—just click on the Daleks below:




Cleverly disguised

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What you need:

Yarn: I used a very cheap no-name yarn. All I can give you is that it‘s a 4-ply yarn, 150 m/50 g (apparently, that‘s 164.04 yards), 75% wool, 25% polyamide.

I used  six different colours:

· yellow for the top of the leg part and the heel (“background colour“)

· black for the writing and various Dalek implements

· blue for the sock body

· a darker grey for the Daleks‘ heads and “feet“

· a light grey for the Daleks‘ bodies

· a kind of orange-brown for the Daleks‘ knobs (I‘m sure there‘s a technical term for them ;)


( day, I might make one with pink and purple Daleks. Just because.)


Needles: 5 dpn, 3,5 mm (The Intarwebs tell me that‘s size 4 for you US-knitters, and somewhere between size 9 and 10 in the UK and Canada)


Additionally, I suppose bobbins would be a good idea. Or rather, would have been a good idea. I am now an expert at disentangling yarn. And creative cursing.

Alternatively: valerian.



In stockinette, I count 14 stitches and 19 rows / 5 cm—that should be 7 st and 9,5 (;p) rows per inch

My sock fits Austrian (= European) shoe size 40 (please refer to a chart for conversion), with a leg circumference of approximately 30 cm 10 cm above the ankle.




The Actual Pattern

Using background colour, CO 64 stitches (if you want to make the sock wider, add multiples of 8) and divide evenly onto 4 needles

Join in round, be careful not to twist stitches (hah! Just how often have you read that phrase? Feels funny to be writing it!)


Row 1-10: [K2, p2] (more rows if you want the ribbed part to be longer)


K one row (or more, if you think it will look better)


Row 12-52: Follow the Mini Dalek chart. Be careful not to pull the differently coloured strands that you‘re carrying along too tight. To make the sock wider, extend the chart multiples of 8 stitches to one side (think “copy/paste“ the leftmost 8/16/… st in the chart. Except, of course, the writing, which would be replaced by colour 1. Sorry if all this is obvious anyway.)

More information on how I made the “plunger bobbles“ see below.


Mini Dalek chart:


Plungers: as mentioned above, this is only what I came up with, there‘s probably a much easier way of doing this.

When you come to one of the black dots, k1, slip stitch back to left needle, k1, and repeat this until you have a chain of 8 stitches. Pull them tight. Continue with the chart. In the next row, when it comes to knitting the plunger stitch, knit the first and the last of the 8 stitches together. Be sure to place the „bobble“ on the outside of the knitting.


Row 53-55: k all    (unless you want to add another row or two of Daleks. Run out of valerian yet?)






Put stitches from needle 4 and needle 1 onto one needle. With these 32 stitches, work Heel Dalek pattern (starting with a knit row). K right side, P wrong side (surprise, surprise!) . If you‘re making a wider sock, add rows of colour 1 on both sides.

(and if this sounds familiar to anyone, I got the idea for the Great Big Heel Dalek from Tiptoe Through the Tulips)


Great Big Heel Dalek


Turning the heel (if you‘re doing a wider version of the sock, please adapt accordingly—I might add detailed instrictions later):                    

sl1, k17, SSK, k1, turn.
Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn.
Sl1, k6, SSK, k1, turn.
Sl1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn.
Continue in this fashion, slipping the first stitch, working to one stitch before the gap, working 2 sts together over the gap, then k1 [or p1] until you finish all the heel sts.
18 sts remain.



Change to colour 3

1st needle: K heel sts, pick up 16 sts up side of heel.
2nd needle: K 32 for top of foot.
3rd needle: Pick up 16 sts down side of heel, k first 9 heel sts [82 sts in all].

1st round:
1st needle:: K to 3 sts before the end of needle, k2tog, k1.
2nd needle: K all.
3rd needle:: K1, SSK, k to end.
2nd round: K.
Repeat rnds 1 and 2 until you have 64 sts [divided 16, 32, 16].


(this section copied verbatim from Tiptoe, since there are only so many ways to turn a heel)


Divide stitches from needle 2 back onto two needles [16, 16]


Knit until sock is approximately 7 cm (3 in) shorter than desired length.




Left sock:

Knit 9 more rows in colour 3, working (left) Toe Dalek chart on needle 2. For a wider version, add rows of colour 3 on the left side.

(i.e., k needle 1 in colour 3, k first row of chart, k needles 3 + 4 in colour 3, etc.)


Right sock:

Knit 9 more rows in colour 3, working (right) Toe Dalek chart on needle 3. For a wider version, add rows of colour 3 on the right side.

Note: this will put the Little Toe Dalek close to your big toe. If you want it somewhere else—well, just move it there. :)


Toe Dalek chart





Change to colour 1


1st round:
1st needle: K to last 3, k2tog, k1.
2nd needle: K1, ssk, k to last 3, k2tog, k1
3rd needle, K1, ssk, knit to end

2nd round:
knit all

Repeat these two rounds 4 times, then repeat round 1 until 8 stitches remain


Knit 2 rounds

Pull sock through remaining hole, BO using the three-needle bind-off.


Note: this is exactly what I did to form the toe. You might find that you have to insert more plain rows between the decreases, or maybe decrease faster, or whatever, according to your personal toe shape.



Whoa. I can hardly believe I‘ve finally reached the end of this.

Can you?

Anyway, I hope all the instructions make sense, and you have fun with this pattern.

To everyone who knows something about building webpages, I apologise for this product of my first date with Microsoft Publisher. I promise to learn proper (i.e., more than I need to format LJ entries) HTML at some point.

Feel free to drop me a line if you feel like it - about whatever. :-)

Greetings from Vienna, Austria,


P.S.: I just realised that my Firefox refuses to turn this into a printable page. So, for your (and my) convenience, a .pdf version of the pattern can be downloaded here.