Soprano and Zither Duo
Brigitte Lentner & Stephan Hörandner

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Duo Allure offers the unique combination of a soprano and zither soloist. - A combination that perfectly suits a wide range of music styles from opera & operetta to classical masterworks. And of course, there is always a note of Viennese grace to the performance!

Founded in 2005, the duo has been on 2 extensive concert tours to Japan in 2007 and 2009 and published a CD with a few highlights of their tour program. Constantly enhancing their program, the duo offers you a wide repertoire of pretentious classical works and popular modern titles.

This unique and alluring combination may be the perfect complement to your wedding, reception, party, mass or funeral ceremony.

News: Private Concert for Princess Kiko of Japan

At the end of their 2009 concert tour to Japan Duo Allure were invited to play a private performance for Princess Kiko at the Imperial residence in Tokyo. Stephan Hörandner and Brigitte Lentner visited Her Imperial Highness on October 29, 2009. Princess Kiko who has lived in Vienna for several years and learnt to play the zither herself is strongly attached to the instrument and showed great interest in the zither concert. As a special tribute Hörandner played Richard Grünwald's zither concert in G-Major in front of the Princess and her Imperial household. In the course of the concert Brigitte Lentner and Stephan Hörandner also performed classical songs by Handel and Haydn. Princess Kiko was delighted to hear the music. She invited the artists for tea after the concert and talked in German about her time in Vienna.

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