h o l i D a y X
M A H E - Seychelles
from 22rd July to 7th August 2005

S 79 JAG
QTH: S 4° 47´ 20´´ - E 55° 31´ 42´´
LI 75 SF
ITU: 53   CQ: 39   IOTA: AF-024

QSL via OE 3 JAG ONLINE LOG ... press here
policy see bottom of page

QRP-TRANSCEIVER and Dipole for 20m and 15m

912 QSO and 69 DXCC Länder


I do not have a QSL manager.
During the operation, when asked, I advise that QSL information could be found on www.qrz.com.

Here is the way to request your cards:

Direct Cards:
Direct cards should be sent to this address:

DDr. Karl Jungwirth
Adalbert Stifter Strasse 25
2232 Deutsch Wagram

QSL requests received direct will result in a direct response, subject to certain provisions.

In order to receive a direct card:

Ensure that the QSO information on your card is clear and correct.

Enclose a good quality self-addressed envelope of sufficient size and strength for the number of return cards expected.
No labels only please!

Enclose US dollars, Euros or sufficient International Reply Coupons (IRCs) to meet postage costs by airmail or surface mail as
appropriate. Loose AUSTRIA stamps are also welcome.
I cannot use stamps from other countries but currency from other countries is welcome!

One IRC, one Euro or one US dollar will pay for return postage in Europe for up to two cards. This amount will also
cover surface mail outside Europe. Two IRCs, two Euros or two US dollars are needed to pay for airmail
outside Europe for up to two cards. Additional cards pro-rata.
IRCs must be properly stamped.

Additional dollars, Euros or IRCs are very welcome and will be used to help meet the significant costs of the DXpedition.

Applications received direct but without a self-addressed envelope, an envelope which is too small, or without sufficient return postage, will receive confirmations via the bureau.

Bureau Cards:
QSL requests received via the bureau will receive a return card via the bureau. Ensure that the QSO information on your
card is clear and correct.
You can also request QSL via e-mail:  mailto: karl@oe3jag.com

Mark your cards:

QSO data error policy
To avoid flooding QSL bureau with unwanted cards, I will not QSL unless I am requested to do so by one
of the above means. When I do receive a QSL request, I will respond 100%, as defined above, provided the
QSO is correct in my log.

73 best dx, Karl S79JAG-OE3JAG