2.2 Boot Process

2.3 Power On Sequence LEDs and Audio Signals

Several MCA based RISC/6000 systems have LED displays to show what phase of the boot process the system is going through. If something goes wrong, you can interpret the LED codes and take the appropriate action to rectify the problem.

PCI RISC/6000 systems use sounds and graphics to show the different phases of the boot process. For example, as soon as you power on the system, an audio beep is produced when the processor is found to be active, the PowerPC logo is shown when the system memory checking is completed, and Device logos are shown for all devices that have a valid address. At the end of the device logo display, if the system ROS is not corrupted, an audio beep is again produced.

System administrators solve the problems that they might encounter during the startup process using these indicators.

2.4 Some Useful Commands