7.3.1 Answers

7.4 Exercises

Provided here are some exercises you may wish to perform:

  1. Determine the paging spaces on a system by using the lsps command.

  2. How to add a new paging space logical volume of size of 5 MB to the system.

  3. Discuss all the steps involved in decreasing the size of the default paging space.

  4. Discuss the precautions you would take before removing a paging space.

  5. How can you change the primary dump device?

  6. How can you move the hd6 paging space from one hdisk to another within same volume group?

  7. Which command will display the paging activity status on the system?

  8. How to increase the paging space logical volume size by 10 MB.

  9. How the process of decreasing hd6 paging space different from decreasing any other paging space on the system.

Chapter 8. System Backup, Restores, and Availability