8.5 Creating a Duplicate Copy of a Diskette

8.6 Duplicating a Magnetic Tape

The tcopy command copies magnetic tapes. Source and target file names are specified by the Source and Destination parameters. The tcopy command assumes that there are two tape marks at the end of the tape, and it ends when it finds the double file marks.

To copy from tape device to another, enter:

# tcopy /dev/rmt0 /dev/rmt1
tcopy: Tape File: 1; Records: 1 to 74; Size: 2097152.
tcopy: Tape File: 1; Record: 75; Size 1574912.
tcopy: File: 1; End of File after: 75 Records, 156764160 Bytes.
tcopy: The end of the tape is reached.
tcopy: The total tape length is 156764160 bytes.

The duplication of the tape cartridge is now complete.

8.7 Using the tctl Command to Take a Tape Device Off-Line