8.7 Using the tctl Command to Take a Tape Device Off-Line

8.8 rmt Special File Notes

The purpose of the device rmt is to provides access to the sequential-access bulk storage medium device driver.

Magnetic tapes are used primarily for backup, file archives, and other off-line storage. Tapes are accessed through the /dev/rmt0, ..., /dev/rmt255 special files. The r in the special file name indicates raw access through the character special file interface. A tape device does not lend itself well to the category of a block device. Thus, only character interface special files are provided.

In Table 31 is a list of the tape device special file characteristics; /dev/rmt* can be from /dev/rmt0 to /dev/rmt255.

Table 31: Tape Device Special File Characteristics

The following can be said about the characteristics shown:

8.9 High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing