9.1 Starting the SRC

9.2 Restarting the SRC

Normally, you do not need to restart srcmstr. The default record in /etc/inittab for both AIX 4.3.2 and AIX 4.2.1 is shown in Table 32:

Table 32: Default scrmstr Record in the /etc/inittab File

If the srcmstr daemon terminates abnormally, the respawn action specified in the /etc/inittab restarts the srcmstr daemon. The srcmstr daemon then determines which SRC subsystems were active during the previous invocation. The daemon reestablishes communication with these subsystems (if it existed previously) and initializes a private kernel extension and the srcd daemon to monitor the subsystem processes. Note that the process ID is changed after srcmstr is terminated and restarted automatically as shown in Figure 81.

Figure 81: Restart of the srcmstr Daemon

However, if you have edited the /etc/inittab file adding the -r or -B flag to /usr/sbin/srcmstr, you have to use the command init -q to reexamine the /etc/inittab or reboot to make the new flags effective. The -r flag prevents srcmstr to respond to remote requests, and -B runs srcmstr in a pre-AIX 4.3.1 mode.

9.3 The startsrc Command