10.16.1 Answers

10.17 Exercises

Provided here are some exercises you may wish to perform:

  1. After installing a new network adapter or after replacing a Token Ring adapter with an Ethernet adapter, what are the steps to restart TCP/IP?

  2. Configure an network interface using SMIT.

  3. Start and stop TCP/IP daemons using /etc/rc.tcpip and /etc/tcp.clean.

  4. Name the SMIT fastpaths needed for networking, such as tcpip, route, and others.

  5. Change the IP address using SMIT.

  6. Describe the inetd, portmap, and other TCP/IP daemons. What errors will users experience when any one of the TCP/IP daemons is not started?

  7. What are the errors if the /etc/resolv file is incorrect?

  8. How do you add a route?

  9. Create and delete an IP alias using the ifconfig command.

  10. Does ping work without starting TCP/IP?

  11. Use the $HOME/.netrc file to eliminate the user login and password prompts for the rexec and ftp commands.

Chapter 11. Network File System Administration