11.3.3 Unmounting a Mounted File System

11.4 NFS Files, Commands, and Daemons Reference

In this section, the key NFS files, commands, and daemons are defined.

11.4.1 List of NFS Files

The following is a list of key NFS files.

Lists servers that diskless clients can use for booting.
Lists the directories that can be exported to NFS clients.
Contains information about networks on the Internet network.
/etc/pcnfsd.conf Configuration File
Options for the rpc.pcnfsd daemon.
Contains database information for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) programs.
Lists directories that are currently exported.
Lists all file systems that can potentially be mounted and their mounting configuration. List of NFS Commands

The following is a list of NFS Commands.

Starts a specified number of biod and nfsd daemons.
Configures the system to run NFS and starts NFS daemons.
Configures NFS network options.
Mounts an NFS automatically.
Changes the attributes of an NFS-exported directory.
Changes the attributes of an NFS-mounted directory.
Exports and unexports directories to NFS clients.
Displays the characteristics of directories that are exported with NFS.
Displays the characteristics of mounted NFS systems.
Exports a directory using NFS.
Mounts a directory using NFS.
Changes the configuration to stop the NFS daemons.
Removes NFS-exported directories from a server's list of exports.
Removes NFS-mounted file systems from a client's list of mounts. List of NFS daemons

The following is a list of NFS Locking daemons.

Processes lock requests through the RPC package.
Provides crash-and-recovery functions for the locking services on NFS.

The following is a list of NFS Network Service daemons and utilities.

Sends the client's read and write requests to the server. The biod daemon is SRC controlled.
Answers requests from clients for file system mounts. The mountd daemon is SRC controlled.
Starts the daemons that handle a client's request for file system operations. nfsd is SRC controlled.
Displays information about a machine's ability to receive calls.
Executes commands on remote machines.
Maps RPC program numbers to Internet port numbers. portmap is inetd Controlled.
Accepts request to run programs from remote machines.
Generates C code to implement an RPC protocol.
Reports the status of RPC servers.
Returns performance statistics obtained from the kernel.
Shows the status of a remote host on the local network.
Reports a list of users logged on to the remote machines.
Responds to queries from the rusers command.
Sends messages to all users on the network on the remote network.
Handles requests from the rwall command.
Displays a list of all clients that have mounted remote file systems.
Sends a specified number of packets to a host.
Handles service requests from PC-NFS clients.
Receives packets sent by the spray command.

11.5 NFS Problem Determination