Chapter 14. Printing

14.1 Creating a New Print Queue

The best way for you to create a new print queue is by using the SMIT interface. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Enter the following command:


Go to the System Management menu where you will select Print Spooling as shown in Figure 123 and press Enter.

Figure 123: System Management Menu Window - Print Spooling Option

Go into the Print Spooling menu where you will select Add a Print Queue as shown in Figure 124 and press Enter.

Figure 124: Print Spooling Menu Window - Add a Print Queue

Figure 125 shows the Print Spooling menu in which an Add a Print Queue sub menu will appear. Select what the printer is connected to, in this case local, and press Enter.

Figure 125: Add a Print Queue Menu Window - Print Queue Selection

Once you selected where the printer is connected to, select what kind of printer it is and press Enter. In Figure 126, Other (select this if your printer type is not listed above) has been selected.

Figure 126: Print Spooling Menu Window - Print Type Selection

Figure 127 shows where the Printer Type is selected. Here, select generic Generic Printer and press Enter.

Figure 127: Print Spooling Menu - Print Type Selection

You now need to select the Printer Interface. As shown in Figure 128, select parallel as your choice and press Enter.

Figure 128: Print Spooling Menu - Print Interface Selection

Once your Printer Interface has been selected, you need to select the Parent Adapter (in Figure 129, select ppa0 Available 01-D0 Standard I/O Parallel Port Adapter as your choice) and press Enter.

Figure 129: Print Spooling Menu - Parent Adapter

Once this process is complete, you will Add a Print Queue. As is shown in Figure 130. This is where you select what you want to call your printer. In this case, the printer is called lpforu. You can change any of the characteristics of the printer if you need; however, this is normally not needed.

Figure 130: Add a Print Queue Menu - Print Characteristics

Once you have entered your characteristics, the COMMAND STATUS menu will appear informing you of the success of your action as shown in Figure 131.

Figure 131: New Print Queue Command Status

Once complete, press F10 to exit.

You have now installed the print queue lpforu on the printer lp0.

14.2 The Print Configuration File