14.1 Creating a New Print Queue

14.2 The Print Configuration File

The file that holds the configuration for the printers that exist on the system is the /etc/qconfig file. It is the most important file in the spooler domain for these reasons:

The /etc/qconfig file describes all of the queues defined to the AIX operating system. A queue is a named, ordered list of requests for a specific device. A device is something (either hardware or software) than can handle those requests one at a time. The queue provides serial access to the device. Each queue must be serviced by at least one device; often it can be handled by more than one device.

The following is an example of the contents of the /etc/qconfig file.

* @(#)33        1.6  src/bos/usr/bin/que/qconfig.sh, cmdque, bos430, 9737A_430 2/4/94 10:45:05
/4/94 10:45:05
* COMPONENT_NAME: cmdque configuration file for spooling
* This configuration file contains valid configurations for remote
* print queue rp0, local print queue lp0 and batch queue bsh.
* They may be deleted or changed as necessary.
* EXAMPLE of remote print queue configuration
* rp0:
*       host = hostname
*       s_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/aixshort
*       l_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/aixlong
*       rq = queuename
*       device = drp0
* drp0:
*       backend = /usr/lib/lpd/rembak
* EXAMPLE of local print queue configuration
*       discipline = fcfs
*       up = TRUE
*       device = dlp0
*       backend = /usr/lib/lpd/piobe
*       file = FALSE
*       access = write
*       feed = never
*       header = never
*       trailer = never
* BATCH queue for running shell scripts
*       device = bshdev
*       discipline = fcfs
*       backend = /usr/bin/bsh
device = lp0
        file = /dev/lp0
        header = never
        trailer = never
        access = both
        backend = /usr/lib/lpd/piobe

The file /etc/qconfig is composed of text blocks referred to as stanzas. Each queue is represented by a pair of stanzas. The first stanza in a pair is referred to as the queue stanza; the second stanza in a pair is referred to as the device stanza. Stanzas are composed of parameters and parameter values that describe the queue's properties and functions.

14.3 Controlling the Print Queue