WELCOME at the SCHEIBLERHOF                         

Maria Scheibler
Zitternberg 16
A-3571 Gars am Kamp
tel: +43-(0)664 1436090


You Take  Your  Time  To  Relax !!!      We provide you with the place  on our organic farm to do it @!


Why @ our place?

...we created and do a lot to maintain a comfortable, elegant little “island”…

...the absolutely attractive price, highest rate being 80 Euros/night for 5 people - all year round…

...your residence (85m2) is one of four buildings which form the square-shaped farmhouse. It has its own, seperate entrance. Enjoy the unique atmosphere we created by turning an old stable into a superb, wheelchair-fairly refuge...



The large living room is tastefully furnished and offers you a lot of comfort. Whether you spend the time “at home” reading or watching TV or listening to radio, CDs or DVDs, whether you are just chatting with each other or playing with your kids…only you know, but nobody will disturb you! If it is too cold, just switch on the fireplace - automatically fed with wood-pellets - it will shortly warm-up the rooms while producing those fascinated light effects at the same time…the cleanest and most efficient heating these days.



The kitchen is fully equipped, including a microwave and even a bread-baking machine and, yes, after making your own bread you can even toast it as well. Anyhow, if you feel like preparing your own special lunch or dinner, you´ll find supermarkets and other shops (including an organic shop) in the village. In case you have forgotten something or you might fancy some of our own organic products or a bottle of wine from our cellar, just call on us.


The residence has two bedrooms; a cot is available too…and should all this not be enough, the sofa in the living room can easily be turned into another bed – so five people have a proper place to sleep.




When the sun wakes you up in the morning, you´ll just see fields outside your bedroom window...and if you then take a little walk around the farm, you´ll find our dog, the ducks, the geese, the turkeys  and the chicken telling you in their own ways:

enjoy your stay!

How to find us: 

Coming from Krems on the B34, turn off right in Zitternberg, right at the only (yellow) telephone booth there. Just drive up the hill, you´ll pass a little chapel, after which the road narrows a bit. When you see a traffic mirror to your right, take a left turn (90°!) and there you are.

If you drive on the B4 and you have arrived in Gars, turn left at the only major round-about, following the sign towards Krems. After about 1 km you are in Zitternberg. Watch out for the (yellow) telephone booth and take a left turn..see above. 

… it´s only an hour´s drive to/from Vienna!




Gars resides in the ” Kulturpark Kamptal” (Kamp Valley), some 8o+ kilometers northwest of Vienna. To see in Gars am Kamp: a Rural Museum, the First Austrian Trade Museum, the famous composer Franz von Suppé Memorial, the ruins of the Babenberg Castle and the adjacent Gertrud´s Church, the partially reconstructed Wallburg fortress and the remainings of the foundations of the oldest Carolinger Church north of the Danube. The “Opera Festival” at the castle is meanwhile a renowned cultural summer event.

Entirely newly build facilties for outdoor swimming are available, as well as several out- and indoor tennis courts and sportsgrounds adjacent to the Kamp river. Numerous hiking, riding and bicycle tracks are maintained and during winter months an ice rink and skiing tracks are operated...and there are plenty of local and regional events throughout the whole year!


See you!

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