"Thanks - and keep the Change"

(s´Ghertso Records CD 100-1)


Hans Hepp - piano

Gert "Bluebone" Haussner - voc, git, sax, harp




1. I ain´t boogie 2. (My Baby left) For a Pack of Cigarettes 3.Red P.O.N.T.I.A.C. 4. Dust my broom

5. L.F.Blues 6. Thanks - and keep the Change 7. I´m going south 8. Overload 9. "Huh-Hey !"

10, I won´t cry mercy 11. Ain´t no Blues left for me 12. More haste, less speed 13.Mojave Desert Sunset 14. Boogie Woogie



Fifteen or so years ago they learned to know each other, when they did some maintenance work on a boat for scientific research owned by the University of Vienna. It was then that they decided to play live together "somewhen". Obviously, appointments like this never come true or so it seemed. Now, years later, Hans wanted to do some demos of songs that he wanted to work on, "Just to not forget the stuff, piano only, no big deal", as he said when he gave Bluebone a phonecall.

Fortunately Bluebone owns a studio and invited him over. They put up two microphones in front of Bluebone´s wive´s vintage upright piano which was built when the great Boogie players made their records and off Hans went on the 88 keys.

One and a half hours later Hans had recorded material that had to be acknowledged as brilliant, as Bluebone found out when he listened to the tapes a few days later. He grabed a guitar, tuned it to D7, took a bottleneck and started messing with "Dust my broom". One hour later the result sounded pretty convincing. He took a microphone, plugged it in and another hour later the first song was finished !

He then decided to call Hans to tell him that he intended to make a CD with the material.Hans reacted in a very typical way:" Are you nuts?" It took Bluebone three weeks to convince Hans. In the meantime five more songs had been recorded and after one more week the whole CD was finished, writing the lyrics, recording, mixing and all. The cover and artwork layout was as easy: grab your children´s pencils and a piece of paper, that´s it. Having a record to their credits, they finally managed to hit the road and are playing off and on now fulfilling their years-old promise.


Sounds like a good story?


Well. that´s how life goes...




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