Vacation home Siller in Golling - vacation so correctly for easing and well-being feeling

Honor with 4 Edelweiss. Those stand for a generous floor space and particularly comfortable equipment.
Golling is to 25 km south the Mozart city Salzburg, because of the entrance to of Salzburg marvelous mountain world, wakes this place your vacation spirit!
Natural landscapes, nature experiences, leisure and sport possibilities, trip goals and objects of interest, hospitality and cosiness - Golling is rich at possibilities! Move, Trekking, mountain pastes, bycicling and Mountain Biking, riding, tennis, bathing, fishing rods. In the winters Rodeln, long running, ski driving, ski routes, Snowboarden, riding, horse carriage travels, ice running and much other more.

Look forward to one vacation for all senses!
Aqua Salza in Golling
Experience wonderful warm water, summer temperatures and
relaxing moments in that water and Wellness world of Monte Mare Golling
Whether to the sport, to Plant or simply only to the fun: Bathing in the Monte Mare Golling is the purest pleasure.
And all this only 15 Minutenn to foot of the holiday house more siller removes.
Vacation period is the most beautiful time. Recover, ease, which can be spoiled soul baumeln and. In monte mare Golling - before the gates of Salzburg - enjoys you on this vacation feeling over 360 days in the year.
Whether in the water world or in the sow well & Wellnessparadies: Experience in monte mare Golling the most beautiful time of the yearly - mile far from the everyday life removes.
Salzburger open air museum in Grossgmain with Salzburg
60 farms, barns, mills, craftsman houses, Almen from 5 centuries as well as continuous and special exhibitions worth seeing and various handicraft demonstrations let your attendance in one of the largest objects of interest close of the city Salzburg in Grossgmain become an unforgettable experience in the open air. The experience-rich trip goal for the whole family!
Landscape protection area Bluntau valley
Directly in the proximity: The landscape protection area Bluntau ranks among the most impressive natural landscapes of the Salzburger of country. Beginning in the valley the area up to a height of approx. 1800 elevator meters estreckt itself. Only few kilometers from Golling far away one can follow to here various leisure activities such as a walking, moving, mountain pastes, running, Mountainbiking, fish and in the winter also still long running!
Salzburger of mountains - a small Paradies
�The mountains are mute masters and make silent pupils� wrote once Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Recovery in clear air, walks, migrations over far Almen, easy climbing routes, the benefit of the simple life, the Draussensein and breaking out of the big-city everyday life�. and the stress remains in the valley.
Young well effect
Between sea-heights of 1.400 to 2,000 meters a so-called �stimulating climate� prevails for the human K�rpfer. The organism, heart and circulation systems are faster burned automatically lively, nutrients in the cells. The skin is supplied with blood better and the bodies mobilizes functions of the self cleaning (AMAS 2000-Studie).
Thus good reasons give to go into the mountains - with rains as in sunshine. Make for the experience mountain and follow yourselves you ready to us into our impressive landscape.
Salzburg - Bikeparadies for Mountainbiker
�Whether it is the curious one, which is for the first time with the MTB on the way, or which experienced top-class sportsmen: In the SalzburgerLand all come at their expense. 1,800 kilometers of Bike distances, past at 185 lakes and up on 120 Dreitausender. And also otherwise is a great deal loosely, approximately around the Mozart city.
Bikeparadies for Mountainbiker
Hardsimmered Biker can bring their personal elevator meter account here on preceding endorser. Here everywhere the opportunity to erklimmen elevator meter is offered and to regard the gigantic panorama from airy height. No miracle thus that the region SalzburgerLand attracts numerous visitors from all world.
Fairy tale park Strasswalchen
� a small fairy tale park
Over many, many years ever larger and larger became! Finally it looked for a new homeland and became there the largest and most beautiful park of Austria. In this beautiful nature park domestic fairy tales are represented in singular way and one can move from the charm forest into the wild west.
Bath passport
Recreating cooling are called obliging on summer days after expanded wheel, Mountainbike or mountain tours? Or dear water passport the dear long day? In the 163 natural lakes, and over 60 open-rir swimming pools of the SalzburgerLandes both is possible for 22 bath lakes particularly put on!
The largest lake of the SalzburgerLandes, the eleven kilometers long Wolfgang lake, is embedded just like the Fuschlsee and the Hintersee into the wonderful landscape of the salt chamber property.
One is common to all lakes of the SalzburgerLandes: their outstanding water quality!
City Salzburg - the famous Mozart city
Mozart's birth house
In the house grain lane No. 9, here lived 1747 to 1773 the family Leopold Mozart. To 27. J�nner 1756 was born here Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The dwelling of the family Mozart is today a museum.
Fortress high Salzburg
The fortress high Salzburg, delighted in the year 1077 extended by archbishop Gebhard, extensively by archbishop Leonhard of Keutschach (1495-1519) is the largest completely received castle of Central Europe.
Lock and Wasserspiele Hellbrunn
delighted, lock Hellbrunn with the extensive park, the Wasserspielen and the mechanical theatre ranks 1612-1615 among the most beautiful examples mannersistic architecture north the alps, singularly in Europe.
Grossglockner high alpine road
For approx. 50 million visitor the Grossglockner high alpine road became since 1935 the incomparable experience. The most famous alpine road ends before the piece of gloss of the national park high Tauern: the highest mountain and the largest glacier of Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798 m) and the Pasterze. On the way there you experience 4000 km a long journey to the arctic. They cross all vegetation zones from the Getreidefeldern to the eternal ice on the rise of 1500 m up to the emperor Franz Josefs height.
Along the Glocknerstrasse form numerous looking desks, six training ways and two information centers an ultramodern conceived Sehschule of nature. Thus you experience, according to which you should hold look out, if you want to out-cost the experience of high-alpine nature fully.
Riding for Geniesser

Adnet: Riding association Franek, Tel. 06245/85074
Fields Wolfgang, Tel. 06245/80923
Golling: Riding club Golling Torren, Taggerstr. 51 A, 5440 Golling. Tel. 0699/10339033
Kuchl: Riding stable Gerbert Essl, Tel.: 06244-6495
Puch: Riding stable meadow yard, 5411 Oberalm 71, Tel 06245/83206, 0676/3390194, 0676/3390195
Pc. Koloman: Kutschenfahrten as well as Ponyreiten for children, Hormannsreitbauer family H�llbacher, Tel. 06241/267!
High mountain artificial lake cape run

With us you experience like water to the clean, eternally renewable energy become. Slide with of Europe largest open inclined elevator by the L�rchwand. With one of the regular concrete dam guidance you will learn the �interior life of a concrete dam� to know. Admire the virtual �experience world river and ice�
Enjoy on our sun terrace of the mountain restaurant Mooserboden or a migration to the F�rther Moar Alm the wonderful prospect on the Glocknergruppe and the holidays region national park high Tauern.
Salt worlds Salzburg/bath dry mountain

Discover in the salt worlds Salzburg/bath dry mountain the roots of the Mozart city Salzburg. The travel with the Grubenhunt and rapid slide portions on two long miner chutes rank among the attractions of the guidance by the salt world. By narrow lugs and resounding widens, past at shining rock passes one the state border and reaches the underground salt lake, which is on German federal territory. You, accompanied from an impressing light play and a mystischen sound cloud, cross this salt lake with a raft.
Ice giant world throwing -
The largest ice cave of the world

Still end 19. Century was the cave in the threshing floor mountains at best hunters and Wilderern well-known. Only 1879 penetrated the Salzburger natural scientist Anton of Posselt Czorich approximately 200 m far into the darkness and discovered the ice giant world thereby officially.
Today the cave for everyone is too g�nglich.
Impressive natural occurence!

The Gollinger Wasserfall

A nature play of the extra class.
Close by, an experience for nature lovers.
Ski-drive with benefit

The SalzburgerLand offers 21 ski regions, 600 aerial ropeways and elevators and altogether 1,700 kilometers prepared runways - from the cosy family skiing area to the glacier skiing area.

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